Bulk Email services/marketing is the most crucial Internet Marketing tool. Any successful online promotional effort is incomplete without the incorporating database or bulk email marketing..

It’s a very important tool to target highly specified prospects.

This method has an amazing return on investment potential.

It’s extremely cost effective when you wish to reach a large amount of customer base.

Those streamlines are the entire marketing communication structure.

Our Bulk Email Service Comprises:

Promotional Email:- It is useful for promotional activities to promote your business, services, products in e-commerce way .

Transactional / Alert Email:- It is very useful for sending informational and important mails ,like- banking, schools, billing, any reminders .

Promotion XPRT Bulk Email Marketing Software/Application Features:
  • SPAM FREE Emails, 90% Inbox Delivery
  • Easily create Newsletters
  • Manage Group/Lists
  • Manage Email IDs
  • Sender Name – Unlimited (FREE)
  • Reply email: End User set reply email at their end.
  • Unsubscribe Facility Available: If someone does not want to receive email from any particular user then they can unsubscribe this email, after unsubscribe them will never receive promotional emails.
  • View Sent Report by Date Search
  • Viewer Report: In this section, we can track, how many users view promotional emails. With incoming IP address details.
  • Email Id Database also available (All over INDIA) – Complimentary Available
  • Validity – Unlimited
  • Bulk Email Software : FREE (You have to only purchase credits of email)

Email Database:

We provide Free Email Database For Your Business, Statwise Data, Credit Card Holder, Manufacturer, Student, Car Owner, NRI, Business man and more categories to our customers for their marketing purpose. It offers solutions for high volume personalized email marketing with powerful additional features that will help your business make the maximum profit.